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3 Top-Rated Batu Pahat Attractions

3 Top-Rated Batu Pahat Attractions


Need a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of Singapore city life? About 2 hours’ drive away is a laid-back town called Batu Pahat.
Don’t let its appearance fool you though, Batu Pahat has enough activities to keep your whole family busy for a couple of days!

At Batu Pahat, there’s a theme park, scenic spots, architectural delights, lots of nature and even a touch of history!
In fact, you can even discover how Batu Pahat got its strange name!

Here is a list of Batu Pahat attractions that you can explore!

  • 1. Segenting Chong Long Gong Temple(石文丁崇龙宫摸鱼大伯公庙)
  • 2. Lovers’ Bridge(石文定情人桥)
  • 3. Old Street Commercial Centre(老街坊)
  • 1. Segenting Chong Long Gong Temple

    Local fishermen visit this temple in Segenting fishing village to pray to the sea deities, Da Bo Gong and Mazu for a safe voyage.

    Tourists and locals visit this temple to touch the giant fish! Locals believe that if you touch the fish, you get a year’s worth of good luck!
    The fish are arapaima – this is arguably the largest freshwater fish in the world! So if you have not seen one up close before, this is a good opportunity!

    Tip: You can see this temple on the same day together with Lovers’ Bridge and Minyak Beku (beach).

  • Location: 81, Jalan Kampung Segenting, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia

  • 2. Lovers’ Bridge (石文定情人桥)

    This Batu Pahat attraction is actually a jetty that is close to a seaside accommodation, Lover Bridge Resort. The modern rooms feature floor to ceiling windows that face the open sea.

    The wooden jetty stretches pretty far out into the water and has an amazing view of the dreamy sunset colors.

    With such a romantic atmosphere, it is no wonder why this place is popular among couples!
    There is also a Thai restaurant together with the resort where you can have some authentic Thai food!

  • Location: No. 95, TL Sungai 43, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia
  • Contact: +6012-767 6992 or +6017-770 4883

  • 3. Old Street Commercial Centre (老街坊)

    It is clear why this beautiful colonial-style building is one of the Batu Pahat tourist attractions you must visit in Batu Pahat!

    Because if not for the Insta-worthy appearance of the centre (including the interior) itself, then the vast selection of cozy cafes and eateries is reason enough to come here.

    You can find anything from Korean, European, Italian and Chinese cuisines here! There’s a good old Subway as well!

    Besides food, there are some quaint boutiques to browse through, a convenience store, a nail salon, and even a gym and spa!
    Don’t forget to check out the rooftop too (see next item)!

    By Admin on July 11, 2019